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  • Уровень: 53
  • Требуемый уровень: 47
  • Сторона: Альянс
  • Начинает: Муиджин
  • Оканчивает: Муиджин
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[Here's the plan, <имя>: Go out and collect some bloodpetal sprouts -- you know, the plants that haven't fully sprouted yet, and bring them here. Then I'll see what the Atal'ai haze can do.

You may think I'm vengeful... Actually, you'd be right about that!

Truth is, I know the way out of here, but until Larion will admit that I'm right, I'm staying right here!

So off with you, find those bloodpetal sprouts and let's have some fun!]
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[Here goes nothing, <имя>! This will get Larion's attention!]


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