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Войдите, чтобы пополнить бонусы!!!
  • Требуемый уровень: 20
  • Сторона: Обе фракции
  • Начинает: Ринлинг
  • Оканчивает: Ринлинг
  • Общий
  • Повторяемый
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Зеленые ракеты

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[When I finally get this booth up and running, I'll want to advertise! And what better way is there to advertise than with fireworks?

Well, some might think that the smell of a cauldron, churning with the boiling heads of your foes is better for drawing crowds, but... we're in mixed company. So fireworks it will have to be!

Bring me green fireworks, <имя>, and I have a big fistful of Darkmoon Faire tickets for you.]
Зеленая ракета (36)


Вы получите:
Подарочный купон ярмарки Новолуния


[You brought the fireworks. Wonderful work, <имя>! I can't wait to light these and tell the world that my booth is ready to go! I must still wait, quite a long time I'm afraid, but... I'll be ready when I'm ready, yes?

Here are the tickets, <имя>. Enjoy yourself!]

Дополнительная информация