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Мягкие, пушистые хвосты

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[It's amazing what people value! Take, for instance, a wooden stick with a soft bushy tail attached to it. Now, you and I might think something like that isn't all that valuable... but if you give that piece of junk a neat name like "Savage Fuzz Tail" and put it in a pretty box, then people will think it's valuable. Trash becomes treasure!

Get me soft bushy tails from the wolves of Desolace and the Badlands, and I'll give you Darkmoon Faire tickets.]
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Подарочный купон ярмарки Новолуния


[Well done, <имя>! These tails will make great prizes for our visitors, and that means happy visitors... who talk to their friends and bring more visitors!

Here are your tickets! Have a good time at the Darkmoon Faire... and don't forget to tell your friends about us!]

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