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1.Глаза злобных летучих мышей
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Глаза злобных летучих мышей

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[Do you ever find yourself wandering in a cave, late at night, looking for adventure? You do? Really? Well, then you've seen the creepy eyes of bats staring at you from high up, waiting for you to let down your guard so they can suck your blood!

Scary thought, don't you think? Of course! It's no doubt that bat eyes are scary!

Will you bring me some evil bat eyes, <имя>? I want them for... something I'm designing. Something scary.

You can get them from the bats of the Eastern Plaguelands.]
Глаз злобной летучей мыши (10)


Вы получите:
Подарочный купон ярмарки Новолуния


[Great! You got the eyes! I hope hunting those bats was frightening for you, because if it scared a brave <класс> like yourself, then those eyes will certainly scare our Faire visitors.

Take these tickets, <имя>, and thank you for your service.]

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