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Цепочка заданий
2.Один рекомендательный жетон
Дополнительная информация

Один рекомендательный жетон


[For those adventurers who have but a single commendation signet, I'll exchange it for a small amount of recognition with Darnassus.

Please bear in mind that it is better to hand over a stack of ten signets at once; your efforts will receive greater recognition in doing so. We offer a single signet exchange as a service for those who don't have enough for a full stack of ten.

With that being said, I stand ready to assist you if you still wish to hand in a single signet.]
Рекомендательный жетон Альянса


[Very well - your deeds have been entered into the records, and you are duly recognized for your efforts. Keep up the good work, <класс>.

If you have any more signets to hand in, then I am able to assist you further in that regard.]

Дополнительная информация