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Цепочка заданий
2.Десять рекомендательных жетонов
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Десять рекомендательных жетонов


[I accept commendation signets from adventurers who have received them in the line of duty. For each set of ten that you hand to me, I'll make sure that you receive a significant acknowledgement of your deeds with Thunder Bluff. I also accept single tokens, but at a much reduced rate of recognition. We are much more interested in greater feats of duty, though no feat will be ignored.

With that said, I'll gladly take your signets if you are ready to hand in a set.]
Рекомендательный жетон Орды (10)


[Excellent! It is no small sacrifice that you've made to earn these signets, and you will be acknowledged for your service appropriately. It's adventurers like you, <имя>, that truly make a difference.

Let me know if you have additional signets to hand in; I'll gladly help you out with whatever ones you need exchanged.]

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