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Костюмы Лунного фестиваля


[I am please to inform you that I have a fine selection of festive pant suits available for you to own... but only in trade for coins of ancestry. If fashion is important to you, then these are what you're looking for! I assure you that you will not find pant suits like these anywhere else.

In exchange for some Coins of Ancestry, I will let you choose one of the three styles I have to keep as your own. Is this acceptable to you?]
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Вы сможете выбрать одну из этих наград:
Праздничный черный костюм Праздничный синий костюм Праздничный бирюзовый костюм
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Коробка с фейерверками для Лунного фестиваля


[Very well then - I accept these coins of ancestry. Please take your pant suit with my blessing. Also, please enjoy these complimentary fireworks.

Should you have more coins of ancestry to trade, then speak with me again. I will be offering various items throughout the entirety of the Lunar Festival.]

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